Science now shows us that our evolution is not based on the Darwinian Theory of competition and “survival of the fittest” (which we’ve believed for over 100 years), but that our evolution is based on connectivity and cooperation. Our influence and actions have real meaning for the whole of creation and they actually shape our brains.

How we care for ourselves is of the utmost importance, not only for our own health, but also for the health of future generations and the planet. I know, sounds crazy, but it’s true. Whether or not we decide to eat an apple or a pint of ice cream, has an effect on others, from the earth to the atmosphere and everything in between.

When we base our solutions to life’s situations on connectivity and cooperation, we are creating sustainable solutions. When we purchase and consume an item, we are making a difference, either toward where we want to go or away from it.

Being mindful of our personal health is as important as it gets, because we are part of the whole and we have control over our own behavior. When we detox our bodies and minds, we can incorporate new behaviors that not only improve our personal health, but dare I say, change the world.

The problem is, we often get into habits that aren’t necessarily health promoting, because we have a pleasure seeking mechanism built-in which drives what we do. We find something that makes us feel good and then keep doing it, sometimes even if we know it’s not in our best interest. The physical body will actually send a message to the brain to give it more of that.

When we can catch the thought that causes the behavior and then change the behavior, we can create new habits that are more health promoting. I call this detoxing the mind.


Here’s how to detox the mind:

1. Bring your awareness to the thought in question, without judgement.

2. Notice how that thought makes you feel.  Do you feel it in your body?

3. Decide if you want to continue having it or not.

4. If you want to let it go, imagine shining a bright light on it each time it presents itself. Be like a detective, “There’s that thought again.”  Bright light.

5. Introduce a new thought. If you have a repetitive thought you want to change, be prepared with the new thought you want to incorporate and think that thought after you’ve shined the light on it.

Example: The thought, “I want a cookie” arises. You notice it and say to yourself, “There’s that thought”. Hmmm. “Can I feel it in my body?” Locate it and imagine a bright light shining on it and through that part of your body. Then think, “If I’m truly hungry, I’ll eat a piece of fruit.”

At first, it’s like training a puppy. You have to keep redirecting, but in no time, your body will stop sending the message for the cookie and you’ll have created a new habit.

This may sound too simple, but it really can be that easy. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Be Well.

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Thanks so much.


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