Detox detox for beauty withinfor Beauty.

One thing I know for sure is that true beauty comes from within.

When you detox for beauty (that means getting rid of harmful poisons in your body and mind), you can see it on your face, and it encircles you like a glow.

When you feel good, you look good; and when you look good, you feel good.

I’ve seen it again and again. People who begin to detoxify, look more vibrant, radiant and beautiful within days.

My sister-in-law came to stay with me for a month and went on a detoxifying diet. That was the longest I’d witnessed someone else detox. It was astounding. Her skin became vibrant and she had this glow about her that felt so satisfying to me as her coach.

I eat a lot of plants every day, but when I focus on mostly raw, living plants, I can see and feel a difference in my skin and my energy level goes up. There’s actually a vibrancy that I can see in the mirror and that’s when people say, “You look great!”

The three most important supplements I personally use and highly recommend for beauty are Chlorella, E3 and BioSil.

Chlorella is a green algae. It does so much for the body, which translates to beauty on the outside. It contains chlorophyll which is a green molecule found in plants that absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis and converts it to energy. It’s been proven to help with blood detoxification, as it binds to toxins and carries them out of the body. It’s also used for odor control, wound healing, gut health, energy, immune system support, and cancer prevention.

Chlorella, coupled with E3, are the two superfoods I think everyone should be consuming every day. They are two different types of algae.

E3 is a certified organic wild-harvested Nutrient Dense blue-green algae which also contains chlorophyll. This amazing food can also help to purify the blood, promote intestinal regularity, and naturally help heal the body. E3 is an alkaline liquid that can offset acidity caused by poor diet, stress, and lack of sleep. It’s also amazing for balancing your blood sugar and therefore your mood.

BioSil is an advanced collagen generator. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out. It thickens and strengthens hair and nails and promotes strong, healthy joints and bones. It has been clinically proven to work, unlike many collagen powders that are now so trendy.

While eating a healthy diet has a dramatic impact on how you look and feel, did you know that paying attention to your Energy is key I don’t mean how energetic you feel; I mean the underlying flow from which all things come. Bringing your awareness inside your body and turning up your energy can be seen and felt by others on a subtle level because we are all connected. Try it, go inside feel your energy and turn it up then focus on your face and feel your vitality and beauty. Even say to yourself, “I am beautiful”; whether you believe it or not – it is absolutely true.

Of course, skincare products are important. You don’t want to do all this cleaning up on the inside only to put a bunch of harmful ingredients on your skin for your body to have to deal with. Look for natural, toxin-free products like Dr. Hauschka or Tata Harper.  I love both of these products but find what’s right for you; our skin responds differently.

The truth is, you can eat all the healthy food on the planet, but if you don’t detox your self-sabotaging thoughts, you can’t shine as bright as you’re entirely capable of. When you get your mindset right and focus on beauty, being deliberate about detoxing harmful thoughts, that’s when the magic happens. Here’s a 4-minute meditation to help you do just that.



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  1. Priscilla Schuyler 3 years ago

    Victoria, you have thought of it all!!! I am loving your website. I haven’t started the detox yet. I am starting this Sunday. I’ve received all the products I need and now have no excuses left. Lol…. Can’t wait.
    By the way… you are a dream and I am so happy that you are in my life. You truly are an angel on earth.
    xxx Priscilla

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