A question I often get asked is, “what blender should I buy?”.

I haven’t found a blender that compares to Vitamix. It has all the power you want for blending anything and everything: from frozen fruit to make thick rich smoothies you eat with a spoon, to almond milk for delicious drinks and cereal, cashew milk for green tea lattes and thick satisfying nourishing soups, creamy salad dressings and cashew cheese for comfort foods like fettuccine alfredo.

The plunger is particularly useful, so make sure you get one with a plunger if you’re planning to make thick frozen shakes. The two horse power motor saves time and mess, because you don’t have to stop and stick a spatula or spoon in to get things moving.

I like the idea of getting the right tool and using it for many years to come, instead of having to buy 3 different ones over the same time frame. It’s worth every penny and then some.

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