What juicer should I buy?

As far as home juicers, the most important attributes are:
1. Easy to use – so you’ll use it.
2. Efficient Extraction – to best utilize your veggies.
3. No (or low) heat and oxidation – for optimum juice preservation.
4. Easy to Clean – for saving time and energy.

Previously, I used the Omega (single auger) and the Green Star (twin gear auger system) Juicers for years. I like both of these. They were both good in that I could juice sprouts and leafy greens and the pulp came out reasonably dry (more so with the twin gear). The problem is the shoot is small and you spend more time cutting things up to fit. Plus, It just wasn’t as easy to clean as the one I currently use, which is the Breville juicer. There’s a reasonable size shoot to fit fruits and vegetables in. It’s a snap to clean, put together and take apart, and the cost is reasonable. The downside is that the pulp is not as dry as I would like (which means the yield is lower) and it won’t juice sprouts. They come out still in tact. It’s great with hard vegetables, like carrots, beets and cabbage.

The best juicer I have ever used was my Nutrifaster Commercial Juicer I had in my juice bars. That juicer was the master! But, it’s huge and expensive (about $2500) and hard to clean, but since you only have to clean it once per day when you are using it all day, except to give it a quick rinse by pouring water in, it’s worth it. If you’re committed to juicing, this would be my recommendation, except for the cleaning at the end of the day. Aargh… So here we are back at the Breville. I swear, I’m going to design and manufacture a nice home size juicer that does it all one day. I’ve only been thinking that for 30 years now…

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