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Lifting the Layers
7 day detox for body, mind and spirit

A  clear path to vibrant health, natural weight loss and letting go of sabotaging habits, so you never gain it back.

Imagine waking up feeling lighter, clearer and more energized in just a few day without going hungry.

Shed Pounds, Gain Energy, Transform your Health.
A complete plant-based (vegan) meal plan and grocery list with delicious and detoxifying meals that take 10-20 minutes to prepare.

Let Go of Limiting Repetitive Thoughts.
Daily focus and exercise to help you disassociate from self-sabotaging repetitive thoughts, progressively clear your mind and experience more inner peace.

Clear Subconscious Limitations.
Eating a detoxifying diet alone will help you to process toxins you cannot see, but we take it one step further by utilizing a centuries old QiGong clearing technique to clear sub-conscious blockages in your body. It’s an uplifting, energizing and healing technique that you can use for the rest of your life as you become lighter and more free each day.

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Purchase the 7 Day Detox Program

What the 7 Day Program Includes:

welcome video

Daily detox focus message from your host.


Delicious and detoxifying recipes
with videos that are easy to prepare.

inner guru

Meditation audios to keep you on track.

Group of people United Hands to built teamwork together with Spirit - teamwork concepts.

Community Membership to a private
group with fellow life transformers.

Each day includes: meal recipes for the day, focus for the day, short meditation, affirmations, homework exercises.

Daily inspiration, videos, and techniques for seven days will be released at midnight the night before each day.

The program food plan and grocery list will be released at time of purchase.

Blender Required. if you don’t have a blender please go to tools to check out my recommendation.

Purchase the 7 Day Detox Program

Money Back Guarantee!

If you follow the program and you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll return your money - no questions asked.

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Disclaimer Notice: The information provided here is based on my experience and observation. I am not a medical doctor.


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