Lifting the Layers
7 day detox for body, mind and spirit

A  clear path to vibrant health, natural weight loss and letting go of sabotaging habits, so you never gain it back.

Imagine waking up feeling lighter, clearer and more energized in just a few day without going hungry.

Detox Your Body

Detox Your Mind

Detox Your Life

Now is the Time to Transform Your Health


Lift the Layers to Your Radiant Self!

Learn how to detox your body and my top 5 recommendations to detox every day

Learn how to eliminate self-sabotaging habits that keep you from having the health you want.

Learn how to clean-up toxins in your environment, including your home, workplace and relationships.

Benefits of our Detox Program

Shed Pounds, Gain Energy, Transform your Health

A complete plant-based (vegan) meal plan and grocery list with delicious and detoxifying meals that take 10-20 minutes to prepare.

Let Go of Limiting Repetitive Thoughts

Daily focus and exercise to help you disassociate from self-sabotaging repetitive thoughts, progressively clear your mind and experience more inner peace.

Transform your body from the inside out.

As you detoxify, you become lighter and feel more awake. The Lifting the Layers program is a holistic detox program to help you not only detox your body, but to prevent illness and improve your daily habits.

What the 7 Day Program Includes:


Daily detox focus message from your host.

Each day there’s a short video to help you stay on track as you progress through the program. This program is a gentle unfolding, designed to help you gradually lift the layers. Victoria guides you through challenges you may encounter as you detox your body, holistically.


Delicious and detoxifying recipes with videos that are easy to prepare. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to cook, don’t worry. The program includes videos that show step-by-step how to prepare your meals, with commentary that’s inspiring and informative.


Meditation audios to keep you on track.

These short meditations are designed with your busy schedule in mind. We’ve created them for you to get the most out of the program as you go inside and discover the healthy you already there.


Community Membership to a private group with fellow life transformers.

A place to share your experience, pictures and ask questions with other people who are doing the program "should you choose to do it during one of our group times."

Why is Lifting the Layers to Vibrant Health better than any other detox program on the market?

  1. 1
    Most detoxes drastically limit what you eat, if you eat at all. The Lifting the Layers Program includes a shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch and a soup for dinner. Most people who use this program say they didn’t feel hungry at all.
  2. 2
    7 days is the perfect amount of time to commit to a detox. It won’t slow your metabolism like other detoxes can and you have time to see real results.
  3. 3
    This is a whole body detox. You’ll not only see results on the outside, but you’ll feel the difference inside.
  4. 4
    Other detox programs focus only on the food. The Lifting the Layers Program is about how you think and what you feel too, offering more dramatic results.
  5. 5
    With other programs you’ll most likely quickly return to your old habits. The Lifting the Layers Program is designed to be a spring board to a healthier lifestyle. Many people say they changed some things about their health longterm. Victoria LOVES to hear this, that was her intention when she created the program.

Your Investment

This investment in your health is valued at $197, which includes the entire week of guidance, inspiration, a detoxifying meal plan with options, a detailed grocery list, and empowering tools to keep you on track. You’ll be learning how to stop putting your health off to the future and begin living with the health you want today. We don’t think much about spending $100 on a restaurant meal, a haircut or a new pair of shoes, the Lifting the Layers Program is an investment in how you’ll feel long-term.

For $197 you will be guided through a life transformation program as if you were being led by the hand. For less than a doctor’s visit, you can make a drastic impact on your health long-term and take a giant leap toward feeling better fast, while preventing possible future illness. This entire 7-day program costs less than one hour with me.

This detox program is yours for life. You can go back any time and do it again periodically to push the reset button on your health all the while getting healthier and more vibrant each day.

Bonus 1
Detox Checklist

A checklist for the week to print out and keep with you to keep you on track with bonus detox ideas for extra detoxing credit.

This printable checklist will remind you why you chose to detox and keep track of your daily progress. You’ll feel better and better as the days progress.

Bonus 2
Environment Detox pdf

Getting rid of toxins in our environment is just as important as minimizing toxins in what we eat. This bonus is loaded with tips and easy ways to eliminate toxins in your skincare and household cleaning products. Also, includes a simple and easy recipe for a household cleaner that kills bacteria and viruses naturally.

Bonus 3
Energy Clearing Technique

On day #6 you get a bonus video to teach you how to detox potential energy blockages in your body with this simple and effective 5000 year old technique.
Some things aren’t healed by food and mindset alone. Knowing how to clear energy blockages in the body will help you take your ability to help your body heal itself to the next level.

Still Not Sure? Read What Others Have Said

I felt energized and healthy the entire time."

I usually dread doing a detox because I fear feeling deprived of things I enjoy, but not with Victoria’s detox! The choices were delicious – my favorites were the Beautiful Eyes breakfast shake and the Mustard Tahini Dressing! The shopping list made it easy for me to plan, the recipes were simple to follow and the morning meditations were a great way to start the day. Whether you’ve done a detox before, or this will be you’re first one, you’ll find it nourishing in so many ways!

Shari C

"Not only was it easy, but truly life changing."

“I had wanted to do a detox for years, but I just didn’t know what to do or who to trust. It all seemed so complicated. Then I found Victoria’s Lifting the Layers program and it was an answer to my prayers. Not only was it easy, but truly life changing. I stayed on the program for 2 weeks and lost 8 pounds. I felt so great that I adopted many of her recipes and detox tips into my everyday regimen. I continue to feel amazing!”

Christine K.

"I’m feeling slimmer and “sexier”"

“I am feeling great and I’m so happy I did the detox. I love how “clean” I feel, plus I dropped 5 lbs which makes a difference in how my clothes are fitting. I’m feeling slimmer and “sexier” than I was just a week ago! The recipes were delicious. I love the whole food aspect. I loved the videos; they were so inspiring and encouraging. I’m going to continue on with this plan for a while.”

Wendy H.

"I felt more calm, centered and present than I’d felt in a long time."

I love the daily worksheets, meditations, and recipes. I set out to lose weight (which I did), but more importantly, I felt more calm, centered and present than I’d felt in a long time. My husband noticed too. My husband told me I looked great and seemed more at peace.


100% Money Back Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give up my coffee?

How does an online detox work?

Is there any money back guarantee?

What if I don’t like certain foods, can I make substitutes?

Can you do the detox on medication?

Are there side-effects?

Victoria Sol

About Victoria Sol

I’m so glad you’re considering taking the time to detox your body. Why not get the most out of your time possible and have your efforts stay with you longterm. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel deprived on a detox and then go back to old eating habits as soon as it’s over. Don’t let that happen to you. Incorporate new healthy habits that you can carry into your life longterm and set yourself up for lasting change.

When I lost my brother to cancer over 30 years ago, I became passionate about natural healing and empowering others to prevent serious illness and live more joyful lives. Since then, I've devoted my life to health in body, mind and spirit.

I want to share the magic I’ve discovered with you, because one of the things I’m completely amazed and delighted by is the fact that each of us is unique. There has never been, nor will there ever be, another person exactly like you or me.

I'm dedicated to helping you lift the layers to discover your vibrant self, the healthiest version of you that you can imagine, because this is it.

Life in now; let's live its fully.

With love,
Victoria Sol

Doctor of natural health
Certified meditation teacher-Chopra Center
Certified Qigong Therapist
Owner of 2 Thriving Juice & Vegan Cafes for 10 Years




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Also, for a limited time, if you are someone who truly can’t afford the program, please email Victoria with your story. We have a limited opportunity for qualified, scholarship candidates.

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